5 Things: ALWAYS Buy These Thrift Finds

Always Buy These Five Thrift Finds
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 Hello, shoppers! Come ‘n’ get your thrift goods. Everything’s on sale, today and everyday!

Check out this list of must buy thrift finds. I’ll keep it short (and sweet), so you can get to getting your shop on!

1. Cashmere/Cashmere Blends

Every thrift store has a HUGE selection of sweaters; this we know for sure. In fact, most times the sweater section is packed tight and, for this reason, overlooked. I totally get that! Nobody likes struggling with racks like these. Pro-Tip: Use your feelers, folks! Once you know exactly what cashmere feels like to the touch, you can easily pick it out by the texture of the sleeve. Don’t waste your time digging for a tag unless you suspect the sweater is really worth it by the way it feels in your mitts. Extra credit to you if you find the ultra luxurious cashmere/rabbit blend! See my article about caring for vintage goods here – Wash Delicate & Vintage Clothing at Home.

2. Classic Levi’s

It doesn’t matter how large your denim collection is. If you happen upon a pair of Levi’s in your size, grab them! If you see your best friend’s or SO’s size, grab those, too, sweet thing. The truth is, they don’t make them like they used to and the OG edition’s are becoming harder and harder to come by. The sizing was once so reliable that Levi’s clientele didn’t even think of trying them on before they left the store. Let’s remember they were created for the no fuss shopper – the all American, rough ‘n’ tumble man. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the brand, I buy them new every couple of years. But! There’s nothing better than finding a classic 505, 501, or *gasp* 701’s…gold star for finding a button fly! Not sure what size you wear?? Measure your natural waist and inseam, and *poof* now you know. This is why Levi’s are the ultimate no-fuss, must have a plethora of, classic. Pro-Tip: Carry a seamstress tape measure with you at all times! It’s absolutely worth the hunt and tightly packed rack’s to find your size/cut.

3. Pyrex

My great grandma Vivian left me a few amazing house ware staples. Among these are my most cherished dishes – 2 unbreakable Pyrex pie plates. I am always on the lookout for Pyrex glass. Again, they just aren’t made like they once were. Nowadays you can buy the brand new make at the grocery, where once this was a specialty item only found at your favorite department stores (i.e. Montgomery Ward, J.C. Penny, Sears, Roebuck & Company). You will know it’s age by the imprinted logo. A sure sign that it’s original is if it’s of the milk glass variety, often adorned with a bright color or fun pattern. A second test is the weight. Pro-Tip: If it takes any effort at all to flip it over and check for the Pyrex stamp, it’s heavy enough to be original and go home with you! If you find a tempered Pyrex – grab it! You won’t be disappointed.

4. Twin Lens Camera

I love to see people using a reflex camera, be it in real life (shout out to my incredibly creative photographer friends!) or on film. I have an ever evolving camera collection displayed in my living room. Some of these are functional and get regular use, some are just a piece of history I want on display for daily inspiration. I love to think about the moments they’ve captured and the lives they’ve seen and enriched. Some brands to keep an eye out for: Kodak Brownie Reflex or Duaflex (most accessible styles), Rolleiflex, Mamiya, Yashica and Minolta Autocord. Pro-tip: ALWAYS buy a twin lens camera – they look gorgeous on display and are often priced low under the assumption nobody’s going to buy them.

5. Silk Scarves

When you think of 1950s starlets, you think of sunglasses and silk scarves in a convertible, right? Me, too! Scarves are by far the lowest priced goods at any thrift store. They often spend months sitting on a shelf.  Save them! They take up so little room and deserve a nice home. In an assortment of patterns, solids, shapes – you can guarantee a good investment for any type of shopper. Silk scarves today are priced anywhere from $50 to $500, so heed my advice and snatch these vintage goodies up! Pro-Tip: be that 50s starlet on the way home…that’s right, tie your beautiful scarf under your chin and throw on your favorite shades, as you revel in your thrift finds, all the way home! See my article about caring for vintage goods here – In case you missed it, Wash Delicate & Vintage Clothing at Home.

From a thrift store addict, yours truly,

Elyn E.


Owner of Five & Dime Vintage – Detroit and Never Not Dreaming Blog

P.S. If you need the perfect vintage find, and you just can’t wait to make it to the thrift store this weekend, hop on over to my Etsy!

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