Essential Playlist (Vol. III): Freaky Fall


Just because Halloween and Samhain are passing, doesn’t mean the season of the freak is over!!

Here is an Autumnal treat, just for you, to suit your weirdest, witchiest, freakiest moods on these shorter and colder days of harvest…

The slimmest I could get this freaky fabulous playlist was 20 tunes! So, pick your digi-format, enjoy and stay freaky:

Essential Playlist III: Freaky Fall – 21 Songs on YouTube

Essential for a Freaky Fall – 20 Songs on Spotify

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Essential Playlist (Vol. II): Songs for a Summer’s Evening

Summer is in full swing and I am back with a treat for your ears. I encourage a dance move or two…or three!!

It has truly been a whirlwind season. As August begins, I am compelled to curate a perfect summer night’s playlist, but also sitting here wondering how it got to be August so quickly! This playlist is perfectly suited for a backyard canopied in white lights, citronella candles, cozy old blankets cast over chairs and singing insects.

Whether you’ll be taking in the night sky, hosting a backyard shindig or simply cooking with all the windows open (my favorite thing to do) this evening, turn up the volume and enjoy this second dreamy mix!!

As always, here are the two links to enjoy the Essentials (Vol. II) as you read the tidbits I’ve included to set the mood:

YouTube – Essential Playlist (Vol. II) – features some fun music videos

Spotify – Essential Playlist (Vol. II) – *recommended* for highest quality

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Essential Playlist (Vol. I): Sunshiny Woman on a Velvet Morning


Spring is here, summer is near and we’re all celebrating in Detroit!

As a first of many, I’ve curated a 10 song playlist for you lovely people to enjoy. This one is for getting in touch with your feminine side – in the yard, with your favorite beverage, on a sunshiny morning.

Sometime ago, this young woman named Elyn E. (that’s me!), had a stretch sharing tunes on the best damn radio station there ever was – WIDR, 89.1, Kalamazoo. This first of many ‘Essential’ lists of tunes is an ode to what she made out of the long running program Grrlville. She learned a lot, she loved a lot, she shared tunes that hit home, every chance she got.

Without further adieu, here’s the link (to whichever platform you prefer) so you can listen as you scroll:

Spotify – Essential Playlist (Vol. 1)

YouTube – Essential Playlist (Vol. 1) ft. Bonus Tracks 

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