Embrace Your Truth & Trust the Universe

Hello, friends – new and old. I have got to tell you something!

I don’t believe in coincidence anymore.

I walk around wearing a 50 year old dress and a sleeve of sailor tattoos like it’s no big deal, but I’m afraid to talk about magickal moments?

The other morning, fate walked up and said hello to me. I mean to say, it was louder than ever – like, “HEY! Hey you. ELYN! Look and listen already, damn it!” I’ve always believed certain things were meant to be, I’ve seen the ‘signs’ as they were presented (whether I chose to listen or not), I’m very spiritual but had no real ground to stand on in that area. You might even say I’m very superstitious.

Now, when I say ‘the other morning’ I don’t mean yesterday; this happened a week ago. I sat with this magickal occurrence for an entire week!! I’ve decided, like I said already, it’s time to come out with it.

Below is what I wrote in my black bound book a week ago:

This morning, after I spent an evening feeling a rush of energy brought on *this time* by reading a book about practical witchcraft/magick, I opened my front door to discover a bundle of flowers on my welcome mat.

Someone or something had left a few sprigs of yellow wildflowers. After further investigation I found them to be Evening Primrose. (Note: this flower does not grow in my or my neighbor’s yard.) I will be researching possible symbolism of this flower. For now, I’m just sitting/writing with it.

Now, my logical mind (closed mind) says there is no sign here – it’s just a present from the sweet neighbor cat. My magickal artist’s mind, however, says this is a divine sign that I am heading in the right direction.

With my dirty hair, skinny legs, headphones on, sun rising and summer air; I sit here grateful and writing. It couldn’t be any more clear – I am fucking magick. I am powerful. I willed this gift and sign to my doorstep, by focusing my intentions last night and carrying them into my slumber.  

I’m scribbling as fast as I can. The energy I’ve been feeling this season seems to be getting even stronger.

With a to do list long, on the eve of a trip out of the city and a great celebration of love, I’m taking a moment to document and declare on paper the wonder that is life when you’re open to divine witchy guidance.

I suppose I kept this experience to myself, this moment of clarity and truth, because I’ve been fed this illusion that witchcraft is somehow “bad” or hokey. Afraid of disturbing so and so. Afraid of closed minds shaking their heads at me. Afraid of practical magicians laughing at my basic knowledge of what they, too, already know to be true. 

I don’t care anymore.

I walk around wearing a 50 year old dress and a sleeve of sailor tattoos like it’s no big deal, but I’m afraid to talk about magickal moments? Ha! Nuh-uh, honey! No more bullshit.

Nothing, literally nothing, is more important than shining a light on your truth, seeking what’s important to you and speaking your mind.

Okay, back to the flowers. It turns out that Evening Primrose is a traditional decoration of moonlit altars in witchcraft. They bring the energy of the sun to evening ritual. It cannot be a coincidence that a bundle arrived on my doorstep the morning after ripping through the aforementioned book about tuning into other planes via channeling and practical magick. It just can’t! I must also note that when I say ‘rip’ – I mean rip. I read over 100 pages in an hour. To some this may be normal, but to my overactive mind *Ooo, look a bird!* this is anything but. 

After this week of reflection, I’ve decided I’m so open to the power that’s inside of me. I’m done denying it it’s growth. Screw “so and so” right?! I get to be me! Oh, and hey – YOU GET TO BE YOU, TOO! Enough is enough, right? We must first honor our self. We can make everyone else happy after that.

I’m learning a ton. I’m opening my mind to things I already knew, somewhere deep down, but never acknowledged. I built myself a little altar in a wooden box for morning meditation and evening practice. I’m writing tons about all of this – what works, what doesn’t, why it’s important to my life. I’m not only listening to the universe, I’m telling it what I need, too.

Even if magick isn’t quite your thing, I urge you to accept the gifts you were blessed with…no matter who cares or how stupid scary it may be to face.

We’re always giving the universe something to work with. Are you gonna listen when it talks back??

Expect to hear more on this topic…

Thank you for indulging me as always, your vintage witch,

Elyn E.


Owner of Five & Dime Vintage – Detroit and Never Not Dreaming Blog


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  1. Thank you so much for posting this! It was exactly what I needed today. I’ve just started my own journey of learning about my witchy-ness, what that means for my life, and how to embrace it. It’s been confusing and overwhelming for sure, but this is the push I needed to let myself be me, and stop suppressing parts of who I am. <3

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