Essential Playlist (Vol. I): Sunshiny Woman on a Velvet Morning


Spring is here, summer is near and we’re all celebrating in Detroit!

As a first of many, I’ve curated a 10 song playlist for you lovely people to enjoy. This one is for getting in touch with your feminine side – in the yard, with your favorite beverage, on a sunshiny morning.

Sometime ago, this young woman named Elyn E. (that’s me!), had a stretch sharing tunes on the best damn radio station there ever was – WIDR, 89.1, Kalamazoo. This first of many ‘Essential’ lists of tunes is an ode to what she made out of the long running program Grrlville. She learned a lot, she loved a lot, she shared tunes that hit home, every chance she got.

Without further adieu, here’s the link (to whichever platform you prefer) so you can listen as you scroll:

Spotify – Essential Playlist (Vol. 1)

YouTube – Essential Playlist (Vol. 1) ft. Bonus Tracks 

Julie Doiron – Spill Yer Lungs

“You would walk with your hand in my back pocket.”

This woman. She made a huge impression on me with the release of ‘I Can Wonder What You Did with Your Day’. Her distorted guitar and sugary sweet voice are sure to warm up your sunny morning.

Big Brother & the Holding Company – Ball and Chain

“Love’s got a hold on me, baby.”

Janis, oh Janis. This list would be incomplete without being graced by her raw beauty. This song has seen some resurgence in popularity after being featured on one of the best soundtracks of all time (in my humble opinion). I’m so glad it’s gracing the ears of many for the first time. Kick your day into overdrive with this feminine banger.

The Kills – Last Day of Magic

“I’ll be the man with the broom, if you’ll be the dust in the room.”

Another newer classic (Classic: Judged over time to be of the highest quality – per Webster’s) that screams spring morning, coffee brewing, dew on the grass and between your toes. The title says it all…savor the magic of the sun every day if you can!

Nikki Lane – Send the Sun

“I’m gonna send the sun your way – wake you up.”

With quite the catalog over the years, I find it incredible that Miss Lane is not yet a household name. She has so many stories to share, with an effortless tone, she will make your heart sing.

Dusty Springfield – Take Another Little Piece of My Heart

“I’m gonna show you baby, that a woman can be tough.”

Do you see what I did here? Classic radio nerd trick (I know), but this song is truly a masterpiece and *gasp* perhaps better than the original? Maybe not, maybe equal to. A woman of many colors, Dusty exudes glittery sunshine and warmth thru her voice. There’s an understated moment, speaking the word “possibly” with all her heart, that she lisps just the tiniest bit. I’m so grateful they didn’t retake. That moment to me speaks volumes for this great woman’s character.

Angel Olsen – Shut Up Kiss Me

“Stop your cryin’ – it’s alright.”

Wow, totally slept on the Angel Olsen tip. If you did, too, play it loud and probably twice. The first time I heard this track (not that long ago, if I’m being honest) I did just that. The crack in her voice, the drum kick, the driving yet light wave of this song; you can’t go wrong. Oh and the music video is absolutely fabulous and gets in the head of every young lover. I would be crazy not to take a moment to worship her sweet baby bangs…Angel, you rule.

Nico – These Days

“I’ve stopped my rambling. I don’t too much gambling these days.”

Nico is the quintessential time alone soundtrack. Picture this: enjoy a morning outside, sipping tea, when it’s still a little too chilly to not wear that favorite oversized sweater, Nico playing softly from the stereo just on the other side of the kitchen window. This is about as velvety as it gets, pun intended. This track really makes you think about the trajectory of any aspect of your life, be it creatively, romantically, joyfully or no.

Beach House – Astronaut

“One sugar or two?”

When ‘Devotion’ came out, I thought to myself, “That’s it. That’s my desert island album.” While I’ve grown a lot, with tastes always changing, this album still hits all the right notes – the high point being ‘Astronaut’ if I had to choose. Victoria is like a fine wine, she gets better with every listen.

Lillie Mae – Over the Hill & Through the Woods/The Last Time

“I’ve seen the sun rise up off the ground” – Over the Hill & Through the Woods
“Long enough to lose yourself” – The Last Time

I stumbled upon this gal because I live in Detroit, home of Third Man Records. Lillie was discovered by none other than Jack White himself, with her debut album out in April. She has the coolest style, plays the fiddle like nobody’s business and could bring a tear to the roughest of cowboy’s eye. Her work is so fresh I had to feature two tracks. Watch out for this one!

Fleetwood Mac – Warm Ways

“I, I’m waiting for the sun to come up.”

This list would be incomplete without a velvety tune from Fleetwood Mac. I chose to use the band’s 1st UK single, performed by the *maybe* less appreciated female member, Christine McVie. Her voice is so warm and full of love here. Lie down in the grass, look up to the blue sky, feel the warmth of that spring sun on your arms and enjoy the birds singing along with Christine.

Janis Joplin with Big Brother & Holding Company – Ball and Chain (Live at Monterey)  just look at that glittery white sweater suit.
Nikki Lane – Send the Sun (Live at WFUV) extra raw, extra beautiful.
Beach House – Astronaut (Live at Nouveau Casino) her hair flips get me every time.
Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit (Live at Woodstock) Gracie Slick is Goddess…ultimate morning in the yard anthem, an extra special treat.
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Rock on you savvy babes, yours truly,

Elyn E.


Owner of Five & Dime Vintage – Detroit and Never Not Dreaming Blog

Five & Dime Vintage – Detroit

P.S. The music featured in this article, is the property of the artist and the artist alone. I love every song featured within, but I of course in no way claim any right to publish. Without these incredible artists, I would not be sharing my love of the arts with you. Thanks again for reading!

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