Journaling – Everyday Life’s Goldmine of Creativity

Journal! Do you have one? I bet you do.

As I start this journey of sharing my know how with you, my journal is becoming my main lifeline.

I’ve always had a few notebooks around the house, but I really only used them when I needed to make a grocery list or work out some tough emotions. Lately, I’ve been carrying around this beautiful black leather bound book in my bag and I cannot stress enough just how much it’s improved my creative process!

Every time we’re on the internet – which let’s be honest, is probably too often – we find things we “like” or “pin” and that’s more often than not a fleeting thought. A plethora of references that could really improve our creative process are just lost to a click.

So, next time you’re about to “like” or “pin” something that feels more important to you than a silly cat video (even though those can be really, really important, too) bust out your notebook and pen and write it down! Add a date and some action steps. Maybe even note some supplies and, of course, the source so you can go back to it later.

I guarantee you will see improvement in your creative life by taking this simple action. I, without a doubt, have.

Here are some things I like to fill my pages with, in addition to referencing specific web pages:

  • Quotes that inspire you – not just inspirational quotes (but yes, those, too). I’m talking words that punch you in the tum and make you want to take action now. Excerpts from poetry or articles, song lyrics, and yes of course words spoken by folks that inspire you.
  • How To’s – pinning in real life people.
  • Thoughts – taking your journal with you sightseeing, to museums, on nature walks, heck I even bust mine out in the bathroom at social events sometimes. Everyday life is a goldmine for creativity if we pay attention and take the time to really harness it’s power.
  • Descriptions of how your day rocked or rolled – the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly…these are always great things to reflect on later to take a look at your personal growth.
  • Sketches of genius ideas or quick reminders that you want to do something with these thoughts at a later date.
  • Important dates – without Facebook we might forget when our favorite people were born, when our loved ones tied the knot, special anniversaries (i.e. when you started a job you love, when you started working out daily, when you and your S.O. had the best day EVER, etcetera), favorite one off holidays, when you planted that amazing garden or singular tree…you get the idea!
  • Goal Tracker – make a graph and keep an eye on the things you’re doing right or wrong…but mostly right.
  • Again this is the best place to log internet references to things you really want to do something with because it’s tangible.

A notebook that suits your style will be the best option. So, if you’re so inclined, pick one that really speaks to you. This will ensure you never leave home without it. Take into account size and material, too. Another good investment is a pen you love writing with. Stay tuned for my roundup of favorite journals and pens (mmm…hint: sign up for NND’s mailing list and you will be the first in the know)!

I can’t wait to hear how your creative process blooms with this simple lifestyle change. Trust me when I say, “IT WILL!!”

With your tiny little kick in the creative pants,

Elyn E.


Owner of Five & Dime Vintage – Detroit and Never Not Dreaming Blog

P.S. Don’t be a stranger. Comment below or drop me a line via contact link to the right! I’d love to hear what you fill your pages up with and how that’s improving your creative life. Expect to hear a lot more about this subject soon!

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