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Alright, it’s autumn!! Like many Midwestern women, it is my favorite time of year.

Bring on the layers, bring on the cider, bring on the smell of leaves, bring on the creepy stories. This time of harvest is a perfect time to not only fly your freak flag proudly, but also to tune into what makes you feel good and warm.

Lately, what’s keeping me warm and holding my focus is nurturing my power. The key and the result are the same; let it go.

“Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.”Brené Brown, The Gifts of Imperfection

Let the bullshit that doesn’t serve your goal go. Let the haters go. The cloud of laziness, the fear of failure and/or missing out, the insecurity; let ’em go. I’ve found, and I’ve said it before, that with this mindset, even the jerks that cross my path and test my capacity to ‘let it go’ can’t shake my strong hold on this. This is the key to my successes, big or small. Babylove, it’s the key to your success, too.

I am successful by my own definition.” This has been my favored affirmation for nearly everything I do. This can be applied to something as simple as how much stuff I can get done in a weekend, how many meaningful conversations I am able to have in a week, how many days I allow myself the time for my personal practice or morning routine, how few times I scroll the internet feeds, or even something as simple as how clean I can get my rental house’s ancient shower.

When we look at the less significant successes the same way we look at the grand picture of the success we’d like to have in the future, it is insanely easy to feel good about how we’ve spent our day. As someone who’s struggled on and off with a mood disorder most of their adult life, this has been a huge help.

Some days it’s “did I put pants and mascara on today? Yes? Okay, I was successful.” Other days it’s “did I put on a show stopping outfit, go to the market, clean the tiny age stained bathroom (seriously, so annoying), write an article, practice my magick, list multiple items in my shop and find time to have a memorable day with my partner? Yes? Okay, great. I was successful.” I see myself inch or leap one day closer to that grand picture of success – that ‘I have arrived’ place. It doesn’t matter if I leap everyday. I’m still a few steps closer than I was yesterday.

It becomes a habit to look at what you’ve done and welcome the success. It becomes so easy to stay away from the comparison traps. It becomes easy to do as little or as much as you can any given day and still feel good about yourself! It becomes easy to let that which doesn’t serve you go.

So, go ahead. Be your own definition of success any given day. Try it on for size and let me know how it fits!

Okay, so let’s take a look at dealing with other people when you’re trying to go about your days feeling your success…feeling good. Some days, sure, this is easier said than done. However, I’ve truly come to a point where most of the time it’s pretty impossible for someone else’s shitty energy to shake my mindset. I think it’s possible for you to implement this mojo in your life, too!

Sure, my ‘little mind’ – the one that’s up front and extra reactive, the one that thinks they run the whole damn show – will still have its feather’s ruffled from time to time. Here, the ‘true mind’ – the ‘me mind,’ where I hold my power to realize and appreciate success (also, the place that keeps me in a damn good mood most of the time) – just kinda looks at people like, “you’ve got to be kidding me,” gives a good eye roll, immediately signaling a deep circular breath so I can carry on, unfazed. If I’m really, really on my shit and having a strong ‘me mind’ day, the ‘little mind’ will be shut down just as quick as it reacted to the sad person standing in front of me.

There are so many sad people. I never really had a clear grasp of this until I started working thru my own shit. Since it’s nearly unavoidable, having to deal with these folks, it becomes so important to nurture your power and celebrate all successes. Unfortunately, a lot of the jerks we may have to interact with would seemingly love nothing more than to suck you dry of all your personal power, your good, your success.

I say, screw ‘em. Nourish your power and the stronger part of your mind will brush ‘em right off. Like – bye, bye.

Now, I do want to talk more about just how this power I keep referencing starts to manifest in the first place. For now the detailed map will have to wait. This is such a complex idea. Alas, a good place to wrap up this little riff on staying true to your power and mindset work, by nurturing it, is by giving you some actionable tips.

Here they are…my top 10 favorite methods (in no particular order) for nurturing my power so that I can be success:

  • Journal about nothing in particular. Gas up your power with unfuckwithable words. (i.e. mantras, mantras, mantras – repeat)

  • Journal about a problem to resolve or a question to be answered. You’ll be amazed at what you can work out with a pen and paper.

  • Treat yourself to a 10 minute meditation to work on the deep circular breathing that will come in handy when faced with bad energy, so that you can save your power for the things that serve you and your daily success.

  • Smile until you mean it! Sounds hokey, but honey it friggin’ works. Turn on a record you can’t not smile about and find a mirror…smile, shake it, turn it up, repeat.

  • Take a barefoot walk, no matter the weather, across the yard. The only thing I want you to think about is how your feet feel. I can tell you, there’s nothing better to bring out your natural instinct to ‘flight’. Flight – as in fight or flight. One thing I’ve learned the ‘little mind’ fuels us with is fight. Visualize that walk, your feet, the sound on the grass or stone or snow next time the ‘little mind’ starts talking and fly…let it go.

  • Pick a mantra everyday. (i.e. “this is only temporary” for dealing with sad people in the workplace or “I am enough” for dealing with your more insecure days or “universe, let’s do this” for the days you’re getting shit done and really, actively nurturing your power)

  • May sound out there to some, but use a Tarot deck to work on your intuition. See what is already there to work on your inner expansion, detailing what you find in a notebook. Seriously, this can be a really inspiring practice and if you’re a writer or creator of any kind, it’s kind of a goldmine. (More out there than that walk across the lawn on a cold day, I dunno? Do I care? Nope.)

  • Brain dump all the shit your ‘little mind’ is trying to yell so you can then organize all the important shit your ‘me mind’ wants to accomplish. This can be done, again, with pen and paper or on a recording app or notes app on your phone…anywhere you are!

  • Work with your element (i.e. soak your feet if you’re a water sign, burn some brush if you’re a fire sign) or work with an element connected to the way you’re feeling this day. The power you seek to nourish comes from some deep planetary roots. Go with it!

  • Relax to the max and tune it all out; bon bons, robe, books or journal or paints, records, scents, cancel your plans, breath in/breath out, be your truest you. The ‘me mind’ will thank you.

Nurturing your power is a daily venture. It is possibly the most important thing we can gift ourselves on a daily basis. I think I made it clear that, yes, this whole thing takes work? In case I didn’t, it does. But good god damn it’s so worth it!

Your power is the tool that lets us look in the mirror and not just say but know that “I am powerful, I am the real deal, I don’t hide – I stand up for what’s right for me and this world I inhabit. I am successful by my own definition.

Try me, world. My will is strong. Now, who’s with me??

More to come on all of this. Happy successes and nurturing to you! Stay warm, stay dreamy…


Elyn E.

Owner of Five & Dime Vintage – Detroit and Never Not Dreaming Blog

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