How To: Wash Delicate & Vintage Clothing at Home

Wash Delicate & Vintage Clothing At Home
How To – Never Not Dreaming

Hello, my vintage lovers! With years of collecting vintage clothing, I’ve found a few ways to care for delicate garments.

I no longer put the fate of my treasures in the hands of a dry cleaning attendant. In part, out of my pocketbook’s occasional limit, but mostly because I’m a bit of a control freak.

A must have for hand washing is a good size wash basin like this one from Sterlite. A hanging rack will come in handy, too! I love, love, love this one from Greenco, because I can hang it right on the door in our laundry “room” and keep my items flat to dry.

Here is a comprehensive guide to get you started:


Okay, let’s be honest, we’ve all shrunken a wool garment from time to time. It happens! While it may be funny for a moment to behold a miniature sweater fit for a doll, let’s not let this tragedy happen to your beautiful thrift find. Wool is pretty resilient, in fact. Think of the weather it’s made to endure while keeping it’s sheep warm and dry! So don’t be scared off or put your wool wears on the shelf waiting to be worn until you can take it to the cleaners. Here’s how I wash my favorite wool pieces…

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