Embrace Your Truth & Trust the Universe

Hello, friends – new and old. I have got to tell you something!

I don’t believe in coincidence anymore.

I walk around wearing a 50 year old dress and a sleeve of sailor tattoos like it’s no big deal, but I’m afraid to talk about magickal moments?

The other morning, fate walked up and said hello to me. I mean to say, it was louder than ever – like, “HEY! Hey you. ELYN! Look and listen already, damn it!” I’ve always believed certain things were meant to be, I’ve seen the ‘signs’ as they were presented (whether I chose to listen or not), I’m very spiritual but had no real ground to stand on in that area. You might even say I’m very superstitious.

Now, when I say ‘the other morning’ I don’t mean yesterday; this happened a week ago. I sat with this magickal occurrence for an entire week!! I’ve decided, like I said already, it’s time to come out with it.

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Essential Playlist (Vol. I): Sunshiny Woman on a Velvet Morning


Spring is here, summer is near and we’re all celebrating in Detroit!

As a first of many, I’ve curated a 10 song playlist for you lovely people to enjoy. This one is for getting in touch with your feminine side – in the yard, with your favorite beverage, on a sunshiny morning.

Sometime ago, this young woman named Elyn E. (that’s me!), had a stretch sharing tunes on the best damn radio station there ever was – WIDR, 89.1, Kalamazoo. This first of many ‘Essential’ lists of tunes is an ode to what she made out of the long running program Grrlville. She learned a lot, she loved a lot, she shared tunes that hit home, every chance she got.

Without further adieu, here’s the link (to whichever platform you prefer) so you can listen as you scroll:

Spotify – Essential Playlist (Vol. 1)

YouTube – Essential Playlist (Vol. 1) ft. Bonus Tracks 

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